Candle Energy Saving Bulb

Candle Energy Saving Bulb

Candle Energy Saving Bulb refers to the bulb efforts made to reduce energy consumption and the sharp like a Candle.

Candle Energy Saving Bulb can be achieved through increased efficient energy use, in conjunction with decreased energy consumption and/or reduced consumption from conventional energ
y sources.
An energy conservation act was passed in 2001.




Candle Energy Saving Bulb can result in increased financial capital, environmental quality, national security, personal security, and human comfort.


Individuals and organizations that are direct consumers of energy choose to conserve energy to reduce energy costs and promote economic security. Industrial and commercial users can increase energy use efficiency to maximize profit.



Building design

In passive solar building design, windows, walls, and floors are made to collect, store, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer. This is called passive solar design or climatic design because, unlike active solar heating systems, it doesn't involve the use of mechanical and electrical devices.

The key to designing a passive solar building is to best take advantage of the local climate. Elements to be considered include window placement and glazing type, thermal insulation, thermal mass, and shading. Passive solar design techniques can be applied most easily to new buildings, but existing buildings can be adapted or "retrofitted".

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