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LED Bulbs resemble classic incandescent lamps, but by far surpass them in regards to economy and functionality. These Energy Saving lighting devices are the most economical and environmentally friendly illumination sources invented so far.
In addition, the LED Bulbs provide pleasant light without ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays, which ensures that you feel comfortable in your home or office.
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Our Replacement LED Bulbs are designed to retrofit the traditional screw-in incandescent, halogen and CFL light bulbs. Upgrade your home or office with LED Bulbs that use less energy and have longer life than any other man-made light source.
LED Lighting Technology develops quickly. The design solutions, light colors and lumen output by different manufacturers vary greatly. Some producers and distributors tend to over-represent the quality parameters and efficiency of their products in order to sell them quickly. The data on our LED Bulbs is based on the actual measurements of the whole lamp, not on the individual light diodes. Many of our models are UL Classified, which ensures constant quality and characteristics.